How to make money as a freelancer

This is free PDF e-book: How to Build a Business Using Freelancers. This e-book explain tips to build a business using freelancers. This e-book explain these tips:
1.    Make sure your workers at efficient salaries
2.    Maximize self-employed individuals advantages
3.    Choose trained freelancers
4.    Develop good communication with your freelancers at all times
5.    Make your freelancers feel part of your company
6.    View your competitors
7.    Maximize the trump card and can hire or fire freelancers anytime
8.    Use freelance as a good training ground for future employees
9.    Bring healthy competition in the workplace with freelancer
10.    Bring in fresh ideas with freelancer
11.    Understand no work no pay policy for freelancers

Download here: How to Build a Business Using Freelancers